Day Spring Ragdolls

After months of searching for

After months of searching for purebred Ragdoll kittens, I found Greta, hers was the only website that had photos of her Business license and a copy of her TICA Registration. Greta is a wonderful lady with amazing Ragdoll kittens. We went to pick up our little boy kitten and came home with a little girl … Read more

From Robert

Greta, A wonderful episodic memory day for sure. Photos are wonderful, but to see and touch her the first time was priceless. As soon as I touched that elegant soft fur, it reminded me of the last time I touched Polly. To go almost a year without the touch of such soft fur seems like … Read more

From Aija

Hi Greta – I wanted to share some photos of Sky that we bought from you. She is very healthy and has the typical characteristics of the Ragdolls with being a lap kitty and being so laid back. I am just so thankful to you for raising our sweet and precious girl. Our labradoodle, Kiki … Read more

From Nichole

From Nichole received via email. “Greta, I love my baby boy so much! He has the best personality and is a big loverboy! He sleeps with me all night and then wakes me up at 4am to lick my face! He’s also very rowdy and already fractured his leg! But he’s ok now and walking … Read more

From Dawn 23 June

From Dawn: Hi Greta, Just wanted to say thank you. Truffle is doing great. She’s lovable and very playful. She has a great temperament, and that of course is because of her momma and the love and attention she got from you. She is just a beautiful kitty with beautiful blue eyes. Just love her!

Carolyn Baster via Email

22 June, 2023 “Hi Greta! I can’t believe that it was just three weeks ago that I picked up Roxy at your house! She is such a beautiful, fun ball of fluff! She is on constant purr mode and just a joy to be with. Roxy loves to hang out on my desk and also … Read more

Christa-Bellevue CA

As received via email from Christa in Bellevue, CA. June 6, 2023 “Bella is the sweetest most playful kitty ever! We love her so much! She also LOVES to be carried and is so gentle with our daughter. She carries her around and kisses her all the time. She’s always in whichever room we’re in. … Read more

Drake Family-2 month update

Wow what a wonderful kitten! We got our Kitten just before Thanksgiving and she is such a joy. The owner was a pleasure to work with. She was honest and respectful. Her kitten was social, healthy and sweet. We feel like we made the best connection with Ms. Strong. Her took our kitten for a … Read more

Shayla R from Gardnerville

Shayla R. from GARDNERVILLE wrote on December 9, 2022 at 3:25 pm My beloved cat who was 17 passed away, and I wanted a breed that resembled how friendly and caring he was. When I was ready to get a new fur baby I called several catteries. I chose this cattery because it was obvious … Read more

Drake Family

Tassa Drake from Auburn wrote on December 9, 2022 at 11:58 am We got our beautiful kitten, Kona, right before Thanksgiving, 2022. Our kitten is delightful, full of love and spice. She absolutely adores our golden doodle and our doodle, feels the same way about her. Our kitten is cuddly and sweet and gentle, with … Read more