Day Spring Ragdolls

What's Included With My Kitten

DNA Testing

The parents of your kitten have undergone extensive health and genetic testing via optimal selection. Day Spring Ragdoll cats are never matched for breeding until health and DNA test results prove clean genetics.

TICA Registration

Your kitten is TICA registered. Day Spring Ragdolls is registered with TICA and strongly adheres to the Ragdoll breed standards found on TICA websites.

Health Guarantee

Day Spring Ragdolls have been DNA tested and your kitten is guaranteed felv/fiv free. Your kitten comes with a 2-year genetic health guarantee and 1-year congenital health guarantee.


Your kitten will be given the appropriate vaccinations, and deworming before leaving our home.


Your kitten will be socialized with kids, and cats. Your kitten will have heard all of the noise of a busy household like music, guests, kids, and vacuums. They are a part of our lives, further developing our kittens, giving them confidence and aids their naturally social personalities.

Business License

Day Spring Ragdolls is a Licensed Business in the State of California. License # 069309

Bringing Your Kitten Home

What You Need:

  • Cat carrier (airline approved if necessary)

  • Recommended cat food and probiotic

  • Food and Water Dishes

  • Litter box and litter

  • Scratching post and toys!

What You Take Home:

  • Health guarantee on your Day Spring Ragdoll kitten

  • Records

  • TICA Registration upon proof or alteration

  • Day Spring Ragdoll appreciation bag

  • Extra resources and information

  • Lifetime support

PayPal Deposits & Payments

Please DO NOT place a deposit until you have filled out our kitten questionnaire and have received a confirmation email from us!

“Other Amount” box is for payments only.

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