Day Spring Ragdolls

Conditions of Sale


Purchaser Name ________________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________ State ____________ Zip: __________

Sex: _____Color Point________________________ DOB TBD _______ Phone Number ____________________
Purchase Price: $3,800 plus 7.25% California tax
This Ragdoll is being purchased as a
( x) Pet and will be altered by six months of age or the buyer will be charged $500.00 for breeding rights. Papers will be provided
upon proof of vaccination. The kitten must go home in a carrier. We accept Zelle Pay and cash. No checks are accepted at pick
The Seller agrees to provide a complete history of all cat vaccinations along with the following health guarantee: Ragdoll is
guaranteed healthy for 72 hours against worms, fungus, and ear mites. There is a 2-year genetic health guarantee and a 1-year
congenital health guarantee. The kitten will be taken for an exam within 48 hours of receipt.
Vaccinations should be Rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia (modified live virus).
I accept this contract and the altering agreement and agree to abide by the terms thereof:
Purchaser: ____________________________________________________ Date ____________
Seller: _______________________________________________________ Date ____________
This kitten is strictly an inside cat and should be kept indoors for its health and safety. The deposit is non-refundable
as the kitten is being held for the purchase of the kitten above.