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After months of searching for

After months of searching for purebred Ragdoll kittens, I found Greta, hers was the only website that had photos of her Business license and a copy of her TICA Registration. Greta is a wonderful lady with amazing Ragdoll kittens. We went to pick up our little boy kitten and came home with a little girl also. The best decision we ever made. Two at a time is awesome. They do everything together, they are best friends and so much fun to love and spoil. Greta was amazing by always sending updates, photos, emails and even phone calls. Not only will we have our beautiful kittens to love for years, we know we have a great friend in Greta….She is Heaven Sent!

Pat and Cher from Stockton

From Robert


A wonderful episodic memory day for sure. Photos are wonderful, but to see and touch her the first time was priceless. As soon as I touched that elegant soft fur, it reminded me of the last time I touched Polly. To go almost a year without the touch of such soft fur seems like forever. I knew I had done the right thing to get her.

She already has Ragdoll cat behavior skills. You have done so well with her.
Having your friends to help acclimate her to strangers is such a luxury as she is not fearful of me at all. You have done an amazing job with your kittens and certainly the big cats as well.

Thank you for everything! I almost have to pinch myself to be sure this is a real day!


PS: Part 2

Once Phaedra woke up from her nap in the cat tunnel, she immediately jumped over to the arm of the computer chair and climbed up my arm to roam around my shoulders and rub on me. I have never had a new kitten ever to something like that before.

From Aija

Hi Greta – I wanted to share some photos of Sky that we bought from you. She is very healthy and has the typical characteristics of the Ragdolls with being a lap kitty and being so laid back. I am just so thankful to you for raising our sweet and precious girl. Our labradoodle, Kiki loves her so much and looks after her. It is just so perfect in our family.

From Nichole

From Nichole received via email.

“Greta, I love my baby boy so much! He has the best personality and is a big loverboy! He sleeps with me all night and then wakes me up at 4am to lick my face! He’s also very rowdy and already fractured his leg! But he’s ok now and walking fine thank goodness. You make the best kitties!!”

From Dawn 23 June

From Dawn:

Hi Greta,

Just wanted to say thank you.
Truffle is doing great. She’s lovable and very playful. She has a great temperament, and that of course is because of her momma and the love and attention she got from you. She is just a beautiful kitty with beautiful blue eyes. Just love her!

Carolyn Baster via Email

22 June, 2023

“Hi Greta!
I can’t believe that it was just three weeks ago that I picked up Roxy at your house! She is such a beautiful, fun ball of fluff! She is on constant purr mode and just a joy to be with. Roxy loves to hang out on my desk and also fall asleep in my husband, Greg’s, lap. 😉
I can’t tell you how much we love her!
Many thanks and hope all is well.
Carolyn Baxter

btw – I just checked my mailbox and received your sweet card! You are amazing, and I really feel blessed to have a kitten from Day Spring Ragdolls!”

Christa-Bellevue CA

As received via email from Christa in Bellevue, CA. June 6, 2023

“Bella is the sweetest most playful kitty ever! We love her so much!

She also LOVES to be carried and is so gentle with our daughter. She carries her around and kisses her all the time. She’s always in whichever room we’re in. My husband is home during the day. So, she’s never alone. Everyone that meets her has said she’s the sweetest kitty ever. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sending a few folks your way for a kitten soon. ;-)”

Drake Family-2 month update

Wow what a wonderful kitten! We got our Kitten just before Thanksgiving and she is such a joy. The owner was a pleasure to work with. She was honest and respectful. Her kitten was social, healthy and sweet. We feel like we made the best connection with Ms. Strong. Her took our kitten for a vet check and our vet stated she is in very good health. It has been 2 months and our kitty could not be happier and we are thrilled to have her. Thank you for our new happy healthy addition to our family- Drake Family

Shayla R from Gardnerville

Shayla R. from GARDNERVILLE wrote on December 9, 2022 at 3:25 pm
My beloved cat who was 17 passed away, and I wanted a breed that resembled how friendly and caring he was. When I was ready to get a new fur baby I called several catteries. I chose this cattery because it was obvious these kittens were so well taken care of and loved. Greta is personable, honest, and very responsive to any questions or concerns. She is effortful in helping you find which kitten you want most and gives updates with pictures regularly. I couldn’t be happier with my two sweet ragdoll babies who purr every time I touch them. They continue to bring much joy and happiness to the house hold.
-Thank you Greta

Drake Family

Tassa Drake from Auburn wrote on December 9, 2022 at 11:58 am
We got our beautiful kitten, Kona, right before Thanksgiving, 2022. Our kitten is delightful, full of love and spice. She absolutely adores our golden doodle and our doodle, feels the same way about her.
Our kitten is cuddly and sweet and gentle, with our 3 1/2 year-old grandson as well!
She allows our grandson to hold her and play with her for hours. We are so pleased with our kitten and appreciate all that Greta does for her kittens to ensure they are social, healthy and lovable! We took her to our veterinarian immediately and she confirmed she’s in fabulous health. We would encourage anyone looking for a kitten to speak with Greta, the owner personally. You can’t go wrong getting a new family member from day spring rag dolls! Thank you so much, Greta! Love the Drake Family

Aaron Foster from Santa Barabara

aaron foster from Santa Barbara wrote on November 29, 2022 at 5:49 pm
Greta, Thank you so much, these kittens have added so much joy to our household. It was such a pleasure meeting you!

Tham and I were in Brazil and discussed getting a cat. I mentioned to Tham that I’ve always wanted a Ragdoll cat. When we returned from our vacation I found the Day Springs Ragdolls website, so I decided to email Greta!

It just so happened that she had a brand new litter of Kittens… perfect timing! After a few emails Greta called us and we had a wonderful conversation. The conversation felt like we were old friends, Tham and I knew from that point we were in good hands.

The entire experience with Greta has been wonderful, and after meeting her in person we couldn’t have been happier. She continues to follow up with us and answer any and all questions we have. It’s been such an easy process.

We ended up getting two adorable kittens!! And now, every time we come home there are two sweet kittens that run from wherever they are to greet us at the door!

We highly recommend Day Springs if you’re interested in getting a ragdoll cat!

Gregory Northern CA

“Greta is great, professional breeder! Highly recommended! Once contacted, we were put on a wait-list, and given updates, pictures, and dates when we’d be able to pick up our new kitten. Payment was very easy, and they were quick to respond to questions and emails. Greta was knowledgeable about the breed, since it was our first Ragdoll kitten we had lots of questions and concerns. and all of them were answered. When we picked him up, we were given a bit of food, some toys, and his latest vet updates.

If you’re in Northern California and looking for a new furry friend, this is a breeder you can trust. We love our new cat!”

Elvira from Rancho Cordova

Elvira from Rancho Cordova wrote on June 29, 2022 at 11:45 am
Dear Greta! We are very grateful for your work and for the very cute kittens that you work with. Our children are very happy to have such a kitten from you, and I myself admit that sometimes I really like to play with her. A beautiful kitten, and understands its necessary rules from childhood. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy kittens.


Mrs, Strong

I am so sorry that this took so long for me to get to you. I know you have been asking for a long time and I really meant for this to be done sooner, but I just kept getting distracted or forgetting. You do so much for me and I’m glad I get to hopefully help out in this little way.

Mrs. Strong is one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever met. She spends so much time and gives all her attention to these cats to make sure that they really feel loved and cared for. She is checking in on them and taking care of their every need for several hours a day, every day of the week. She loves her cats more than I even knew it was possible to care for a cat, and she has taught me more than I ever thought I would learn. I have been working for the Strong’s for a little over a year and a half now, and it has been the best job I have ever had. She is amazing to hang around with and talk too, just a great human being all around. Not only does she treat the cats with all the love and respect they deserve, but she does so even more with people. If you talk to and contact her, you will see that she has amazing people skills and even better customer service. She is so easy to have a conversation with. Now back to the cats. Each week I go over to help out, and each week there are either some new toys, scratching posts, cat trees, play pens, heated beds, sofas, blankets and so much more. She has spent hours online researching and buying just the right things so that the cats are always happy and content. Not only that, but part of my job is to play with the cats and kittens to make sure that they are thoroughly socialized and not scared of people. By the time that these little adorable balls of fur are 8 weeks old and being sold, they are the most friendly and playful kittens I’ve ever met, they aren’t shy whatsoever. Speaking of balls of fluff, if you have never held a Ragdoll cat before, kitten or adult, you are really missing out. These cats are so soft. It’s like holding and cuddling a cloud. Finally, these adorable kittens are allowed to roam the house freely. This means that your kittens will be accustomed to normal household movements and sounds. If you are in the market for a cat, you are in the perfect place. I have never met anyone nicer or that cares about animals more than Mrs. Strong. You won’t be disappointed!

It’s been amazing working for you.

Thank you,

(Note: As written and emailed to us from Tyler.)

Greg via email

We had the most wonderful experience adopting our boy Monya through Day Springs Ragdoll Cattery. Greta was very helpful in answering all of our questions. Monya could not be any more perfect for our family. He has the sweetest personality and likes to follow us everywhere. Besides Monya and our existing 4 month Maine Coon girl got along in just 3 days.
Monya has all the classic Chocolate Point Ragdoll traits with big blue eyes! We are so in love with him! I would highly recommend Day Springs Ragdoll Cattery to anyone looking to adopt a beautiful Ragdoll kitten!
Note: Copied from email sent to us from Greg.

Joshua from Fresno

Joshua from Fresno wrote on June 29, 2022 at 12:31 am
Gretta was such a wonderful breeder! Lots of pictures, videos, and even FaceTimes with the kittens as they grew. She has dedicated time and love to our now kittens and answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend going with Gretta for those reasons as other breeders just don’t give you the opportunity to watch the kittens grow from the day they are born until the day you bring them home. On top of all of that the kittens are perrrr fect! Thank you! 🙂