Day Spring Ragdolls

From Robert


A wonderful episodic memory day for sure. Photos are wonderful, but to see and touch her the first time was priceless. As soon as I touched that elegant soft fur, it reminded me of the last time I touched Polly. To go almost a year without the touch of such soft fur seems like forever. I knew I had done the right thing to get her.

She already has Ragdoll cat behavior skills. You have done so well with her.
Having your friends to help acclimate her to strangers is such a luxury as she is not fearful of me at all. You have done an amazing job with your kittens and certainly the big cats as well.

Thank you for everything! I almost have to pinch myself to be sure this is a real day!


PS: Part 2

Once Phaedra woke up from her nap in the cat tunnel, she immediately jumped over to the arm of the computer chair and climbed up my arm to roam around my shoulders and rub on me. I have never had a new kitten ever to something like that before.