Day Spring Ragdolls

Aaron Foster from Santa Barabara

aaron foster from Santa Barbara wrote on November 29, 2022 at 5:49 pm
Greta, Thank you so much, these kittens have added so much joy to our household. It was such a pleasure meeting you!

Tham and I were in Brazil and discussed getting a cat. I mentioned to Tham that I’ve always wanted a Ragdoll cat. When we returned from our vacation I found the Day Springs Ragdolls website, so I decided to email Greta!

It just so happened that she had a brand new litter of Kittens… perfect timing! After a few emails Greta called us and we had a wonderful conversation. The conversation felt like we were old friends, Tham and I knew from that point we were in good hands.

The entire experience with Greta has been wonderful, and after meeting her in person we couldn’t have been happier. She continues to follow up with us and answer any and all questions we have. It’s been such an easy process.

We ended up getting two adorable kittens!! And now, every time we come home there are two sweet kittens that run from wherever they are to greet us at the door!

We highly recommend Day Springs if you’re interested in getting a ragdoll cat!